Step onto the fairground and dodge balloons like a pro! Laugh Clown Professional Balloon Dodger is an innovative action game where you use touch controls to dodge the balloons coming at you! Balloons come at you from the sky in all kinds of crazy ways; it’s up to you to make sure Laugh Clown doesn’t get hit! Get amazing power ups and then you can run into the balloons for extra points! Make Laugh Clown laugh!

-Play single player or turn-based multiplayer matches with friends on Game Center!
-Endless balloon dodging fun!
-Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
-Stunning graphics!
-Universal application: pay once and get the game on both your iPhone and iPad!

Backstory (summary):
Laugh Clown grew up in the city of Clownland where mountains are made of cotton candy, the streetlights are made of candy canes, and the circus never closes. As a child, Laugh Clown was a euphoric and charismatic fellow. But some of the other children clowns sensed that Laugh Clown was special and they were jealous of him. And because they were jealous, the other clowns would torment Laugh Clown by throwing balloons at him until he cried. But one day, when those mischievous clowns were throwing balloons at Laugh Clown, something special happened: he moved out of the way. Then Laugh Clown laughed that charming laugh that the other clown’s were so envious of. And no matter how many balloons the other clown’s tossed at him, they couldn’t hit Laugh Clown anymore. Laugh Clown was so good at dodging balloons, some of the other clowns in Clownland started to watch. It was so entertaining, that it became its own circus act. And that charming special clown they called Laugh Clown grew up to become a professional balloon dodger!